Released today, Ableton‘s latest artist film profiles LA-based artist Katie Gately.

The two-part film takes an in-depth look into Katie’s history in music and sound, her outlook on music, her working methods, including field recording, audio processing, effects chains, and arrangement, and the breaking down of a track.

Alongside the film—and using some of the sounds recorded and processed in the film—Ableton and Katie have offered up a free download of an instrument rack called “Kately’s Haunted House,” which includes four different chains of sound variations (boiler, oven, scanner, and wool wire), each with their own effects, plus a global parallel effects chain. Katie has this to say about the rack: “I’m an FX person so the idea is to experiment using as much variety in FX-types for a diversity of playfulness. I want each chain to think and act a bit differently – while still not creating distorted madness. My hope is people will pull these apart and personalize them (i.e. try them out on other sounds and make them smarter/wackier/cooler). I also hope people will be inspired to record sounds in their own houses to see what kind of mundane magic is living under their roof!”

You can download the rack here, with both parts of the film streaming via the player above and below.