Ableton has released Creative Extensions, a new collection of tools for Live 10 Suite owners created in collaboration with Amazing Noises.

Creative Extensions is a new pack that includes eight new sound design tools designed to color, texture, distort, and create new sounds in Live. The collection includes a Melodic Steps, a new MIDI sequencer for evolving melodies; Bass, a monophonic virtual analog synthesizer; Poli, a virtual analog polysynth; Pitch Hack, a multi-purpose pitch effect; Gated Delay, a delay with gate sequencer; Color Limiter, a hardware-modeled limiter; Re-Enveloper, a multiband envelope processor; and Spectral Blur, a reverb-like texturizer.

Live 10 owners can download Creative Extensions directly from the Packs section in the Live 10 browser by clicking the download icon, then install. You can also download the pack directly from Ableton’s website.