In 2007, Ableton released Live 7 in response to the growing number of producers swearing by the Germany-based company’s music-making software. A little less than two years later, it’s time for another upgrade, hence the announcement this morning that Live 8 and Suite 8 are now available to music-tech heads everywhere.

A laundry list of features are packed into these new software bundles. For Live 8, these items are a new groove engine, complete with a revamped library of sounds like the famed Akai MPC and the E-mu SP-1200 drum machine. Additionally, new warping techniques, a sound-on-sound looper, and a new effects library (that includes a vocoder) are part of this version.

Suite 8 once again includes a comprehensive sound library meant to complement the Live software. Version 8 sounds—of which there are 1600 in all—include a selection of Latin percussion instruments, a re-vamped Operator synthesizer, and the Collision instrument, which replicates xylophones, marimbas, mallets, and other percussion instruments in very life-like ways.

Now, if you’re a seasoned music-maker, all this will make perfect sense and you’ll likely be on the way to the store right now, debit card in hand. For those just acquainting themselves with the world of Ableton, the company currently has a demonstration video and neatly arranged list of new features at its site, well worth spending a little time with.

Current users of Live can upgrade their software by logging in to their Ableton account. For everyone else, current prices are $549 for Live 8 and $849 for Suite 8. Both bundles are out now.