Ableton has announced CV Tools, a set of 10 Max for Live devices used to control modular or CV-based gear from Live 10.

Currently in beta, CV Tools will allow you to receive and modulate CV between your modular or other CV-based gear and Ableton Live 10 using a compatible, dc-coupled audio interface. It will also mean you can use Live as the master tempo or as a slave to your modular system clock.

For users that don’t have a modular system in their workflow, the Rotating Rhythm Generator and CV Utility devices also work with MIDI and can be used to add modular-style workflow inside Live.

CV Tools will be free for all owners of Live 10 Suite and owners of Ableton Live 10 Standard and Max for Live, and is being developed by Ableton in collaboration with Skinnerbox.

You can find out more here.