French producer Abstraxion is set to follow up his 2013 debut LP, Break of Lights, with his second long-player, She Thought She Would Last Forever, on October 10.

Preceding the album was the release of its lead track, “Spazieren,” which arrived on September 12 with a set of remixes from Ripperton, Mattheis, Conforce and INIT on Abstraxion’s own Biologic Records—which is also where the album will land. The track is a poignant 10-minute ride through Abstraxion’s expansive sound, complete with meticulous sound design and half-spoken vocals.

To accompany the track, Abstraxion enlisted The Bow to create its visuals. The video relates back to the album artwork with a ten-minute journey through a desolate land. The protagonist walks the land as hallucinations engulf him, warping his thoughts and the space in front of him with “Spazieren” as the dystopic soundtrack.

You can watch the video in full via the player below.