Photo | Sandra Pointet

Acid Coco will release Mucho Gusto, their debut album, on El Palmas Music.

Acid Coco is the work of Colombian duo Paulo Olarte and Andrea. Olarte has been a known name in electronic dance music for many years, with releases on Diynamic. Andrea began singing in school, and she performed with Colombian reggae band DonKey Records before leaving to Berlin, Germany, where she presently sings in world fusion band Hinsetzen Pause.

Acid Coco is the pair’s first recorded collaboration, and it aims to give us a “journey through the beautiful colors of music.” The project channels cumbia, punk, champeta, reggaeton, and other tropical rhythms with electronic sounds.

These tracks were recorded in Geneva, Switzerland, in frenzied sessions that doubled as therapy. The pair laid down ideas, lyrics, music, and memories on tape in a creative purge driven by “emotional and physical collapse,” the label explains.

In advance of the album, Acid Coco have shared lead single “Yo Bailo Sola,” meaning “I dance alone,” and “El Amor de Mis Amores,” an explosion through punk and reggaeton-infused vibes, both streaming below.


01. Yo Bailo Sola
02. El Amor De Mis Amores
03. Sin Salida
04. Siempre En Mis Sueños
05. Solo Estas Tu
06. La Chancla
07. El Lamento
08. Nuevo Día
09. Caminando Vas
10. Me Voy

Mucho Gusto LP is scheduled for October 2 release. Meanwhile, you can pre-order here and stream “Yo Bailo Sola” and “El Amor De Mis Amores” in full below.