Back at the end of last Month, Acid Pauli released his sophomore full-length, BLD, via his and Nico Stojan’s label Ouïe.

Following on from his 2012 debut on Nicolas Jaar’s Clown and Sunset label, BLD is a mind-bending eight-track journey that was derived from an idea he had been carrying around for years to create a body of work consisting of techno and house breaks—the parts of tracks which lack the main beat, the kick drum. Sitting somewhere in the nether regions between ambient and house, the album is a highly unique piece of work that defies the all-too-standard “tension and release” scheme of much of today’s electronic music. At once melancholic, uplifting, and pensive, BLD undoubtedly furthers Acid Pauli’s reputation for crafting singular pieces of art.

Following the release of the album, Acid Pauli has crafted a mix that looks to the same concept. Built from trippy synth tracks, ambience, and stitched field recordings, the hour-long mix is a perfect accompaniment to BLD.

You can stream the mix, which is titled BRK, via the player below. Acid Pauli also has a string of showcases and tour dates on the horizon, with the dates and locations also available below.

BLD can be purchased here.

Tour dates:

April 28 – Hinterhof Bar, Basel
April 30 – Flow, Lisbon
April 30 – Souq, Paris

May 07 – Kater Blau, Berlin
May 13 – 4GB Festival, Tbilisi
May 20 – Cappadox Festival, Turkey
May 24 – SUPERRAVE, Munich
May 26 – Heart, Ibiza
May 27 – Zukunft, Zurich

July 26 – Cocoon, Ibiza
July 15 – Kater Blau, Berlin (Showcase)
July 29 – Rote Sonne, Munich (Showcase)

August 13 – Solomun + 1, Ibiza
August 19 – NY (Showcase)

September 10 – Kater Blau, Berlin (Showcase)