Gerard Hanson has released his first new EP as Convextion since 2007 via Dynamo Dreesen‘s Acido Records.

Texan producer Hanson launched his Convextion project back in the mid-’90s, and has used it as an outlet for deep, dubby soundscapes, putting out now sought-after records through the likes of Down Low Music, Matrix and AW-Recordings. His latest effort, Acido 22, dropped into Hard Wax shelves today—consisting of two untitled tracks, it is Hanson’s first full solo EP under the moniker for almost a decade. According to the Berlin-based store, it blends “vintage Electronics & retro-futuristic Techno Ambient.” It also follows on from a recent EP under his other major alias, E.R.P., for Solar One Music.

Acido 22 is out now at Hard Wax, where you can stream snippets of the tracks.