Acronym will release a new EP on his own Stilla Ton—the label’s second release. 

Rising to moderate prominence as part of Sweden’s Northern Electronics label, Dan Vicente (a.k.a. Acronym) has been releasing mesmeric ambient and techno music with great consistency over the last six years. Two brilliant albums on the Stockholm-based label—June and Mu, both from 2015—and a stream of shorter releases made him a vital part of the collective, which was started by school friend Anthony Linell (a.k.a. Abdulla Rashim) in 2013. Vicente has also released on several other labels, such as 2016’s double-EP Entangled in Vines, through Spanish imprint Semantica, and last year’s chilling LP Malm, released through Field Records.

The label’s first release came in the form of an album from Post.23, and now the label had Acroynm will debut on the label. It will be his second release of the year. 


A1. Burgundy Soul

A2. Burgundy Robes

B1. Burgundy Blood

Burgundy EP will land on June 27, with snippets streaming below—or here, if you’re in the EU.