Darren J. Cunningham (a.k.a Actress) has shared a new mini-album, Young Paint, via his new Werk_Ltd. label. 

The six-track release is a collaboration between Actress and Young Paint, an “AI sprite” and “learning program” that has “progressively emulated” Actress’ musical process since his debut LP, Hazyville. It may also be the case that Young Paint is just another Cunningham alias—just like AZD is also the title of Actress last album and an anagram of his childhood nickname.  

“The EP is about gradients of learning, from a humanist perspective investigating the vacant soul of computer language, determination, and logic at its most basic natural level,” Cunningham says, “Exploring complex simplicity and reimagining it as a sort of sonic paint with splats, sprays, splashes, dots in an Impressionistic fashion.”

The mini-album is the first release of Werk_LTD., a collaborative label between the producer and The Vinyl Factory. 


01. Travel Paint

02. Neutral Paint

03. Boy Paint

04. Twisty Paint

05. Ai Paint

06. Kat Paint

Young Paint is available to stream now, with the limited edition vinyl out later this month.