Following the release of the Audio Track 5 EP and live performances at the Strelka Institute (Moscow), Barbican Centre, and Tate Tanks (London), Darren Cunningham (a.k.a Actress) and the London Contemporary Orchestra (LCO) are to release a full album of their collaboration on Ninja Tune, titled LAGEOS.

Originally performed at the Barbican in February 2016, the project was curated by Boiler Room and LCO with support from Arts Council England and Ninja Tune. The music created a synergy between both live electronic and acoustic components, not just in the harmonies but in the way the traditional instruments were spliced into new hybrid instruments. As part of the process, Actress and LCO augmented traditional piano and created sounds from objects as varied as temple bowls and plastic bags.

For the album, LCO recorded the individual instrumental parts as stems at Spitfire Studio then sent to Actress to manipulate. LCO also went on to reinterpret Actress classics “Hubble” and “N.E.W,” among others from his catalogue.

“In many ways, the collaboration is about exploring an ambiguity of sound that sits between electronic and acoustic spaces; something that we’re aiming to push further as part of the live shows,” says the LCO’s Hugh Brunt of the collaboration. “For much of the set, we look to realise as close as possible the timbres and colours of Actress’ electronics through acoustic means (which he, in turn, responds to); something of a physicalisation of those synthesised or sampled sounds. That has involved utilising various accessories: plastic bags (for white noise or to emulate an EQ���d hi-hat); keys; Blu-Tack (to dampen the piano’s upper strings); milk frothers on harp strings, etc.”

A live show is scheduled to take place at the Barbican Centre on May 26.


02. Momentum
03. Galya Beat
04. Chasing Numbers
05. Chaos Rain
06. Surfer’s Hymn
07. N.E.W.
08. Audio Track 5
09. Voodoo Posse, Chronic Illusion
10. Hubble

LAGEOS will land on May 25.