AD 93, formerly known as Whities, will release the new solo album of Joanne Robertson, a musician, painter, and poet based in Glasgow, Scotland.

Robertson regularly collaborates with her friends, most recently with Dean Blunt on Black Metal 2 and Sidsel Meineche Hansen on Alien Baby. Her music forms from “improvisatory moments of expression,” we’re told.

Blue Car is a collection of songs from her archive of unreleased solo recordings. Similar to Painting Stupid Girls, her last solo album, released in 2020, these tracks attempt to record the moment, and where she was at emotionally that day, similar to diary entries. She wrote them over the last 10 years.


01. Blue Car
02. Band Sit Together
03. Take Me In
04. Jeans
05. If It Feels
06. Crossroads
07. Street Empty
08. River Shock
09. Bay
10. Little Talkin Do You Know

Blue Car LP is scheduled for March 10 release. Meanwhile, you can stream the opening track in full below and pre-order here.