AD 93 will release a new album from Jasmine Wood, a composer, producer, and multidisciplinary artist originally from Portland, Oregon now based in Dublin.

She recorded Piano Reverb on an antique Blüthner grand piano in an empty church in Ireland.

“When I first moved to Ireland I was unexpectedly met by thousands of vacant churches. Massive halls formed a hollow emptiness which persisted for several months that eventually turned into years. This record was made in one of those churches on an antique, Blüthner grand piano. I worked and recorded on this piano most days, for an entire year,” Wood says.

While working on the compositions, Wood fell in love with the fullness of the reverb that each note echoed throughout the room. She eventually shifted her focus and decided to record just the reverb sustained on the end of each note. She did this with a variation of chords and single notes, capturing only the sustain. All of the tracks on this album were made using these recordings.

Wood initially developed her interest in music by working as a promoter for multiple Portland-based DIY venues. Incorporating her love of noise and distortion, she combines the use of analog instruments with electronic manipulation.


01. I
02. II
03. III
04. IV
05. V (It’s Haunted I Can Feel It)
06. VI (Friends)
07. VII
08. VIII (Tremolo)

Piano Reverb LP is scheduled for March 8 release. Meanwhile, you can stream “VII” in full below and pre-order here.