Jimmy Edgar’s Ultramajic imprint is set to launch its 2015 run with a new EP from the semi-anonymous Aden project, which is widely believed to be an alias of Machinedrum, though this has never officially been confirmed. Having appeared on the label’s inaugural Metaphysix with Mentalism collection and issued the Four EP in March of last year, Aden will return with his second EP for Ultramajic, Tanz, later this month. Said to cover a “range of moods to fuel human bodies on the virtual dance floors of a digital future,” the record falls in line with the sharply crafted, future-gazing club cuts that have accounted for much of the fast-growing imprint’s catalog to date, with the four tracks on Aden’s forthcoming EP further described as efforts “hewn from bouncing drums, vocal yelps, glittering keys, and a few functional white noise-infused breakdowns that pack a solid dose of energy and spirit.”

Aden’s Tanz EP (it should be noted that “tanz” is the German word for “dance”) is scheduled to land on January 26; before then, the record’s four new cuts can be previewed below.