Adidas and Upper Playground are hardly strangers. The two companies have collaborated on shoes and the like for years, perhaps most notably when Upper Playground lent a design to Adidas’ 35th Anniversary Superstar Series (there was also that documentary about the giant shoe that aired earlier this year).

This summer sees the streetwear giants joining forces once again, this time with a four-part series of shoes that begins with a pair by Sao Paulo-based fine artist Herbert Baglione. Recognized around South America and Europe, his style is ├╝ber-minimalist, as evidenced by the clean black and white angles of the new sneaker. “I don’t like colorful tennis shoes that are full of designs or anything I feel is more than necessary,” he said in a recent press release. “I believe being simple ends up being more challenging.”

Future artists commissioned for the series include Sam Flores, a well-known rep of the Upper Playground brand, as well as Aesop Rock, and David Choe. Baglione’s sneaker will be on sale from July 17 online and at Upper Playground stores.