Adiel and Anthony Linell have collaborated on a new EP, out February 14 via Adiel’s Danza Tribale.

Raso arrives in the wake of Adiel’s recent collaboration with Donato Dozzy.

Channeling energies as one, Adiel and the Northern Electronics’ head have shaped and polished a raw, “three-faceted gem” of “hauntingly evocative near-ritual techno obedience.”

“Raso” gets the ball rolling on a hard-wired hypnotic pulse, alternating nostalgia-soaked background sequences with a 909 kick. “Decoro” makes for a more dubby weapon, before EP closer “Punto In Aria” shifts to a more positive state of mind, showing off Adiel and Linell’s knack for assembling powerful lush synth abstraction and full-force functional rhythms into club pieces.

Raso forms the sixth release of Danza Tribale.


A1 / 1. Raso
A2 / 2. Decoro
B1 / 3. Punto in Aria

Raso is out February 14, with “Decoro” streaming below.