Adult., the Detroit-based couple of Nicola K. and Adam L. Miller, has made some of the darkest (and best) electro tunes of the last decade. Not limited to just music, Nicola K.’s calmly violent photography, the source of the band’s captivating cover art, has played quite the role in orchestrating their dark aesthetic of high fashion and Midwestern Gothic.

With that attention to visual and musical form in mind, it’s pretty damn exciting to find out that Nicola and Adam will be screening Decampment, a “silent-experimental-horror” film of their own making, at the Detroit Institute of Arts on May 9, 2008. To accompany the screening, they’ll be performing live their own “peculiar electronic horror music” as a score to the film.

If that weren’t enough, the film will also herald the first Adult. release in over a year. A series of three 7″‘s, featuring the score to Decampment, will be released in very limited editions of 100 (each including a numbered photographic print) starting May 13. Keep your eyelids glued to Ersatz Audio for more information.