Though less common than the ubiquitous Christmas-themed sampler, musical compilations celebrating Halloween are nevertheless circulating out there, one of which is Brooklyn-based AeroCCCP Recordings‘ forthcoming Halloween of Bloody Nightmares release.

Described by the label as “a spine tingling musical story or soundtrack to a non-existing horror film,” the disc, out November 24, features contributions from the likes of Otto Von Schirach, Cock Rock Disco boss DJ Donna Summer, Snog, Candie Hank, and others dropping IDM, rock, electro, and industrial tunes. Add to that some creepy samples and track titles involving Frankenstein, Satan, and one called “Dance oft he Living Dead Chickens,” and the whole thing begins to feel akin to a really fucked-up kids cartoon.

Additionally, the artwork was created by St. Petersburg duo Doping-Pong, who drew inspiration from a Russian folk tale about an old woman who enjoyed torturing little children.

Halloween of Bloody Nightmares
01 Otto Von Schirach “Zombie Halloween”
02 End “Everything in Excess (Halloween Version)”
03 Wonderkid “Monster Goes to Hollywood”
04 Retrigger “Victim #2”
05 Monster Zoku Onsomb! “Frankenstein”
06 Messer Chups “Inferno Image (First Version)”
07 Freaks’ Tricks “DJ Jekyll Meets MC Hyde”
08 Messer fur Frau Muller “Nightmares (MFFM Remix)”
09 Denim Venom + Nina Martine “Dø Dø Min Kjaere
10 Snog “Social Disease feat. Monster Zoku Onsomb!”
11 Doubt to Nothing “Blut Kult”
12 Bazooka Boom “She’s Diabolic”
13 DJ Donna Summer “Planet Mars: Murder!”
14 Candie Hank “Willie the Killer”
15 Messer fur Frau Muller “Iron Felix Kubin
16 Messer Chups “Little Blood Sucker”
17 Ferris Wheel (St-Petersburg) “Winter-the-Satan”
18 Oleg Kostrow “Death of Frankenstein”
19 Jack Blanchard “Dance of the Living Dead Chickens”

Pictured: Otto Von Schirach. Photo by Nathan-Lam Vuong.