Last month, Belgian space-disco outfit Aeroplaneannounced that one of its two members would be going his separate way, leaving the project a solo affair. It was unexpected since Aeroplane’s debut full-length album, We Can’t Fly, had just been slated for release on Wall of Sound, but now that the dust has settled a bit, remaining member Vito De Luca shared more in an interview about why the break-up happened, what we can expect from his forthcoming album, and a particularly awesome story about him throwing up on Air’s equipment at the Sonar festival. Over on Juno Plus, De Luca explained what set the stage for the split, saying, “Well, I wrote all the songs on the album and I played all the instruments… so I’m the studio guy. Steph was taking care of a lot of other things—important things—but it came to the [point where] I was alone in the studio and I realised, this is not ‘our’ band as it’s supposed to be.” You can read the whole interview and check out clips from Aeroplane’s upcoming full-length record here. (via Resident Advisor)