Metalheadz will release the debut album of Agzilla, titled Cats Can Hear Ultrasound.

Agzilla, real name Agnar Gunnar Agnarsson, is a friend of label head Goldie, having met him in 1991. He began DJing in 1989, spinning hip-hop and experimental breakbeat material, before moving into drum & bass when his attention turned to the styles of Shut Up and Dance Records. He’s since pioneered the early underground rave scene in Reykjavik and currently runs RVK DNB club nights around the Icelandic capital. This will be his first solo production outing.  

We’re told that the LP blurs the lines between the rough and the smooth, and delves into various genres including jungle and drum & bass as well as left-field techno, house, and bass music. 

The album will be preceded by an album sampler headlined by remixes from OneMind and Kid Drama who both deliver their own take on Agzilla’s music, with the full digital package containing a further nine original creations.

Tracklisting, Sampler

A1. Contrafiction (OneMind Remix)

A2. Contrafiction

AA1. Reneri (Kid Drama Remix) 

AA2. Reneri

Tracklisting, Album

01. Tripping Over Laces

02. Homefront

03. Reneri

04. Lattice

05. Skygarden

06. Sacramental Act

07. Spread Out

08. Contrafiction

09. Stepping in Cold

10. Observers

11. Powder Keg

12. Contrafiction (OneMind Remix)

13. Reneri (Kid Drama Remix)

Cats Can Hear Ultrasound LP lands February 8, with the sampler available on February 1.