Leland Jackson, the Los Angeles producer better known as Ahnnu, is set to revive his Cakedog alias, focusing on footwork and juke tracks, in a massive new 20-track album entitled Doggystyle, dropping July 3 on Leaving Records

All 20 tracks have been collected from the Cakedog Laboratories circa 2017-2018, and are described as a manifestation of Jackson’s vision after being mentored by R.P. Boo. The record is devoted to dancer, DJ, and producer culture.

Cakedog’s last album surfaced in 2015 on Leaving, titled Menace In The Phantom.

Lead single “Thrones” (Clout Version) melds haunting and medieval eight-bit melodies, overlaid on top of a skittering footwork beat for a whiplash effect. 

Artwork for the release is by Jackson himself.


01. Witness

02. Breached

03. Know My Name

04. Kill em All

05. Hawt Shit

06. Move It

07. High Ryde

08. 9-1-1

09. CYa

10. Get Up

11. Whip Kidz

12. History

13. Guts

14. What U Got

15. Final Chance

16. Its You

17. SMD

18. Rocked

19. Go In

20. Thrones (Clout Version)

Doggystyle LP drops July 3 on Leaving Records.