Boysnoize Records, the German techno imprint, has come together with Danish headphone experts AIAIAI for a special edition product, in celebration of the label’s 10th birthday.

Founded in 2005 by Alexander Ridha (a.k.a. Boys Noize), Boysnoize Records has put out a wealth of electro and techno releases over the past 10 years, by the likes of Djedjotronic, Strip Steve, SCNTST, Hoshina Anniversary, Housemeister, PILO, Spank Rock, and Ridha himself. To mark the completion of its 10th year, BNR is offering its own take on AIAIAI’s trademark TMA-2 Modular headphones.

Originally designed to meet a growing demand for a more versatile product, the TMA-2 Modular headphones allow customers to choose up to 360 different combinations of parts (speaker units, earpads, headbands and cables). The Boysnoize Records special edition is a reflection of the label’s favourite configuration of those parts.

The headphones will be available from the AIAIAI online store, plus selected retailers. BNR has also just released its 10-year anniversary documentary, which you can watch below.