Danish audio company AIAIAI has launched a Kickstarter campaign for the H05, a new smart headband for their TMA-2 Modular Headphone System—one of the world’s most extensive modular headphone systems, with more than 1000 possible configurations.

The H05 headband would become the latest part of the TMA-2’s family of modular components, allowing users to simply swap out their existing headband for the new version without changing their current setup.

The HO5 works simply when plugged into any TMA-2 speaker unit, enabling high quality Bluetooth audio transmission. By integrating this technology into the headband only, AIAIAI enable any configuration of the TMA-2 to be wireless, and thereby retain full modularity in the system—giving new users the full freedom to choose, while allowing existing customers to simply upgrade the headband and keep their sound preferences, without having to spend money on a whole new wireless headphone.

In addition to this, the integrated CSR 8675 Bluetooth chip is ready for software implementation, facilitating further future upgrades.

Key information: 

Bluetooth 4.2, AptX-HD codec, Op-Amp

USB-C port [key for integration with the iPhone 7 and new Macbook Pro].

16-hour playback time

Two-hour charging time

Omnidirectional microphone, standard power: 2.0V, Frequency range 300~5KHz

Durable EMS TR90 nylon material

USB-C to USB charging/connecting cable

Expected price: $125 / €125.

The goal is to raise kr300,000 (roughly $45,000) in a month with the completed product to be shipped in May 2017, if successful.

A pledge of US$65 will get the first 200 backers the H05 for half price, while the next 1000 backers will need to pledge US$90.

To donate, please click here.

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