Paris, France-based Air returns to once again romance their listeners on their latest full-length Pocket Symphony. Whereas 2004’s Talkie Walkie was nearly all outerspace-like production work and angelic vocals, Symphony veers in the direction of eclecticism, adding classical Japanese instruments and sounds to the traditional ones. It certainly gives the duo’s music a more alien, yet no less appealing feel. Call it just another layer added to the ever-expanding arsenal Nicolas Godin and Jean BenoĆ®t Dunckel are stockpiling.

Pocket Symphony is out March 2, 2007 on Astralwerks.


1. Space maker
2. Once Upon A Time
3. Hell Of A Party
4. Napalm Love
5. Mayfair Song
6. Left Bank
7. Photograph
8. Mer du Japon
9. Lost Message
10. Somewhere Between Walking And Sleeping
11. Redhead Girl
12. Night Sight