Aïsha Devi has announced the release of her sophomore album, DNA Feelings, out May 11 via Houndstooth. In conjunction with the album announcement comes first track, “Inner State of Alchemy,” and an artist statement entitled “DNA Feelings.”

Aïsha Devi’s voice is her most powerful tool in a repertoire that includes thumping beats and rave stabs, seraphic and guttural throat singing, mystical linguistics and corporeal sonics.

Born by the Swiss Alps with Nepalese-Tibetan heritage, a transversal of cultural and spiritual identity was forged, guiding both her personal and creative process as a non-conformed seeker. Devi applies meditation techniques in her approach to production and performance, channelling metaphysical research, ritualistic practice, and healing frequencies into an alternate club paradigm.

In 2013 Devi co-founded Danse Noire, a label collective supporting insurrectional club music from around the world, where she released her breakout single “Aura 4 Everyone,” followed by “Hakken Dub / Throat Dub’” in 2014. In 2015 Houndstooth released Devi’s debut album, Of Matter And Spirit, a significant sonic statement rich in political and philosophical subtext. The process led her to collaborate with Chinese visual artist Tianzhuo Chen on videos featuring profane and sacred iconography, as well as theatrical dance performances together with the Asian Dope Boys. Photographer Emile Barret is another longtime artistic collaborator.


01. DNA ☤ ∞
02. Dislocation Of The Alpha
03. Intentional Dreams
04. Aetherave
05. Hyperlands
06. Inner State Of Alchemy
07. Light Luxury
08. Genesis Of Ohm
09. Time (Tool)
10. Time Is The Illusion Of Solidity
11. Cell Stems Spa

DNA Feelings LP will land on May 11 via Houndstooth, with “Inner State Of Alchemy” streaming in full above, and an artist statement below.