Aïsha Devi has shared “Dislocation Of The Alpha,” the second track to be streamed from her upcoming sopomore album, DNA Feelings, out on May 11.

Devi recently announced the release DNA Feelings along with the first track, “Inner State of Alchemy,” and an artist statement entitled “DNA Feelings.” “Dislocation Of The Alpha” shows Aïsha creating an almost dreamlike aural state as she calls for her listeners to “Unlearn, dislocate the Alpha.”


01. DNA ☤ ∞
02. Dislocation Of The Alpha
03. Intentional Dreams
04. Aetherave
05. Hyperlands
06. Inner State Of Alchemy
07. Light Luxury
08. Genesis Of Ohm
09. Time (Tool)
10. Time Is The Illusion Of Solidity
11. Cell Stems Spa

DNA Feelings LP will land on May 11 via Houndstooth, with “Dislocation Of The Alpha” streaming in full above.