As part of the wave of gear-related updates which NAMM has brought this week, Akai has unveiled two new products of particular interest—the Timbre Wolf Analog Synthesizer (pictured at top) and the Tom Cat Analog Drum Machine.

The Timbre Wolf (sure, maybe not the best name) unit is a “true analog” four-voice polyphonic synthesizer that can be configured to be used as four mono synths, a four-voice unison synth, or a four-voice polysynth. Furthermore, the unit features a number of sound-shaping controls on its face as well as a 32-step sequencer for each of the synthesizer’s voices. The Timbre Wolf will appear in stores in July, and the compact analog synth is set to retail for $499.

In addition to the synth described above, Akai has also used the NAMM convention to introduce the Tom Cat, a new “true analog” drum machine (pictured directly above). Built around five percussion voices, the Tom Cat also features a 32-step sequencer (which Akai says utilizes a “classic drum machine workflow”) as well as a number of on-board controls to tweak the unit’s drum sounds. The analog drum machine also features six MPC-style pads which can be used both for sequencing and finger drumming. The Tom Cat will also appear in stores in July, and the new piece of Akai gear is set to retail for $199. More information on both new analog Akai units can be found here.