Announced last month, the debut full-length from Akkord (a.k.a. Synkro and Indigo) is set to drop via Houndstooth before November is through, capping off the Mancunian pair’s admirable 2013 run. But before the self-titled record sees a release, we have been treated to a stream of “Hex_AD,” a particularly machine-minded cut which lives up to the album’s attempt to “[blur] the lines between junglist revivalism, smoky ambience, and suctioned dub.” Clocking in just short of six minutes, “Hex_AD” is a patient but unrelenting voyage into dark electronics, one which relies on precise percussion and sturdy rhythms to push forward amongst the thick layers of foggy textures. Ahead of the 10-track Akkord LP’s official release on November 25, “Hex_AD” can be streamed in its entirety below.