The pair of Mancunians in Akkord like to play things close to the chest. Having only just revealed their identities back in July, announced a debut LP for Houndstooth last month, and slowly trickled out the new music from that album in a variety of creative ways (there was even an astrophysicist involved), producers Synkro and Indigo are set to drop Akkord next week, but before then, they have one final piece to share.

This video for dank techno cut “Folded Edge” is more of a visualizer than a typical narrative piece, albeit an especially mesmerizing and well-made one. In extreme close-up, director Oliver Jennings toys with a variety of strange, glimmering fluids, making their surfaces splash, twitch, and pulse in surreal ways. His use of colors and patterns speaks to the desaturated sound of Akkord’s new production, and the video as a whole brings life to the vibrations emanating from “Folded Edge”‘s deep and shadowy grooves. Akkord will be released on November 25 via Houndstooth.