Alain de Saracho has launched a new Los Angeles-based label Out of Orbit.

Out of Orbit will situate itself as a concept label focused on remixes of LA-based indie acts, drawing “inspiration from Factory/Creation Records-era Manchester, where genre lines were blurred, dance music clashed with rock, and creativity flourished,” de Saracho says.

Up first is de Saracho’s remix of Warbly Jets‘ “Let Go : Be Free,” the third single from the duo’s sophomore LP, MONSTERHOUSE. The remix, a banging cut that refits the sultry original with a Madchester-inspired club framework, drops alongside a new music video. The video clip, which was created by video director John Frost and edited by brother Dustin Frost and JD Pankiw, reworks shots that were filmed for the single’s original release, before being shelved for a new direction.

You can watch the video for the remix below, which is out now on Out of Orbit.