Alberich is up next on Prurient’s Hospital Productions with Quantized Angel. 

Alberich is the solo project of Kris Lapke. Since debuting in 2010 with NATO-Uniformen, Lapke has established himself as a leading mastering engineer—working with Prurient, The Haxan Cloak, and Nothing—and been releasing a series of limited tape and split releases, including his 2018 cassette-only live album, Precursor. He also recently contributed an exclusive track to Vatican Shadow’s Berghain mix. 

We’re told that the LP features 42 minutes of menacing and exploratory industrial music soaked in noise elements. “Over the course of the album’s eight tracks, Alberich demonstrates a vision of ruthless existential electronics, a sound both commanding yet questioning in introspective spirit,” the label explains.  

CD, vinyl, and digital formats of Quantized Angel land on April 12, with a stream of lead single “Unity House” available via Bandcamp. Pre-order options for the record are here


01. Upper Mountains

02. Unity House

03. Chilsong Chamber

04. Escape

05. No Reference To The Absence Of Allegory

06. Quantized Angel

07. Freeze

08. Radio Op