Finnish sound scientist Aleksi Perälä will soon release a double EP on Nina Kraviz‘ трип.

Born in Finland in 1976, Perälä has been an independent producer and an electronic music composer for over 20 years. Almost all of his previous releases have landed on AP Musik. This will be his debut on трип.

We’re told that “glistening scales cascade over peculiar tones,” and that Perälä “explores the powers of an alternative tuning system in dancefloor structures, tapping into the veiled potential of his sound palette with stunning physical consequences.”


A1. GBLFT1740065
A2. GBLFT1740066
A3. GBLFT1740067
B1. GBLFT1740068
B2. GBLFT1740069
B3. GBLFT1740070
C1. GBLFT1740071
C2. GBLFT1740072
D1. GBLFT1740073
D2. GBLFT1740074

Paradox EP will land on December 15.