Alex Smith & Digby Smith (a.k.a. Alex & Digby) are set to release their debut LP, titled For My Process.

According to the Berlin-based pair, the 10-track LP was recorded during a “very personal” period and this is reflected throughout the release. Judging by the snippets, which are streamable below, the album explores the same minimal soundscapes as all their previous material.

Scheduled for late June release, the album lands at a particularly exciting time for the duo: having released their first material in 2014, the duo’s profile has continued only to grow, culminating in a series of high-profile gigs this summer—including Gottwood, Houghton, and Cocoon Ibiza.


01. Cardio Dub
02. Hospital
03. PFC
04. Referendum
05. Limbic Mimic
06. Space Monkey
07. Elm
08. Twisted
09. Televert
10. Adriadne

For My Process LP is scheduled for June 19 release on the duo’s own Flash As A Rat label, with snippets streamable below.