The Cocoon label has offered up the latest installment in its long-running annual alphabet series.

Now up to Q, 2017’s edition includes cuts from some of techno’s most interesting artists, including Alex & Digby, John Tejada, and Sebastian Mullaert.

The full tracklisting is as follows:

1. (A) Kamran Sadeghi “Anno Domini”
2. (B) Alex & Digby “Da Dang”
3. (C) Sebastian Mullaert “Ode to Be”
4. (D) Harald Björk “Spring”
5. (E) Carlos Nilmmns “Fragile” feat. Genoveva
6. (F) Rico Puestel “If I’d Care More”
7. (G) Söllscher & Siech “Pulse Train”
8. (H) Johannes Volk “Luminance”
9. (I) Fort Romeau “Sequence in D”
10. (J) John Tejada “Blitzar”
11. (K) Acid Pauli “Toms Heimweh”
12. (L) Baba Stiltz “All I Can (About You)”

Cocoon Compilation Q is scheduled for July 23 release.