Expansion Team label boss Alex Moulton is set to unleash his debut artist album to the masses on August 5, and the producer has gotten all sci-fi on us for the occasion. Cover art aside (which is simultaneously tasteless and intriguing), Exodus finds the New York-based maker of techno and electro immersed in storytelling, letting the album tell a kind of sci-fi/romance adventure from track to track that includes an operatic overture.

Moulton collaborated with numerous individuals for Exodus, including Grammy-winning engineer Marc Urselli, Nilesh Patel (Daft Punk), Groove Collective’s Jonathan Maron, and DJ Afro of Los Amigos Invisibles. And instead of releasing the album, then waiting a couple of months to drop the remix disc, he’s bundled the entire package together, including reworkings of the album’s track “Love is Alive,” as well as some of his own interpretations of other artists tracks.

Finally, the cover art:

01 Overture
02 Out of Phase
03 Flaming Swords
04 The Prophecy
05 Meridians
06 Together
07 The Sacrifice
08 Paradise
09 Vicious
10 Together Again
11 Pandemonium
12 Exodus
13 Ad Astra
14 L’Arc En Ciel
15 Love is Alive (Original Mix)
16 Love is Alive (Addeboy Vs Cliff Remix)
17 Love is Alive (Alex’s 4AM Mix)
18 Love is Alive (The G:Neus ‘Check the Kick’ Remix)”
19 Addeboy vs. Cliff “Red Button (Alex Moulton Mix)”
20 Ready Fire Aim “So Fine (Alex Moulton Mix)”
21 Genji Sirasi “Surviving Freedom (Alex Moulton Mix)”
22 Ror-Shak “Fate or Faith (Alex Moulton Remix)”