Music producer and DJ Alex Smoke has worked with Scottish Ballet dancer and choreographer Sophie Laplane to create an original musical composition for her upcoming contemporary ballet “Sibilo.”

Laplane has increasingly been making her mark on the dance world by creating delightful and unique works which have grabbed attention everywhere. With original music by Alex Menzies (a.k.a Alex Smoke), “Sibilo,” a new work premiering this autumn by the Scottish Ballet, demonstrates Laplane’s joyful style in a celebration of the power and versatility of dancers’ bodies and of movement in all its forms.

The music on “Sibilo,” the latin word for whistle, ranges from the stripped, rigid structures of mechanical sound to the more emotive use of cello and whistling, itself a product of the human body.

A follow up to Menzies’ double album release of BBC documentary scores for the Boston-based Kathexis (“Order & Disorder” & “Mechanical Marvels: Clockwork Dreams”), “Sibilo” continues to make evident Menzies’ ability away from the dancefloor.

“Sibilo” will be performed as part of Scottish Ballet’s Autumn Season 2016 in venues from September 29 to October 15. The “Sibilo” track will be released as a digital download from September 16. More information can be found here.