Alex Smoke will debut on Huntleys & Palmers with a new album as Wraetlic. 

Wraetlic is one of Glasgow artist Alex Menzies’ three aliases. He’s most widely known as Alex Smoke, used for his regular abstract electronics, but he uses Wraetlic for doleful doom-pop and Alex Menzies for his forays into television and media, where he has scored documentaries for the BBC and various other outlets. He last appeared as Wraetlic in 2013 with an album and two EPs on Convex Industries. 

Menzies himself last surfaced in 2018 with a collaborative Alex Smoke EP with cellist Maarten Vos and a contribution to XLR8Rplus

A remix package will follow featuring a swarm of Huntleys & Palmers’ favourite producers of the moment. 

Menzies will soon be touring an audio-visual performance as Wraetlic. 


01. Bivouac

02. The Lost Master

03. Bang Bang

04. Bum Fluff

05. Tactic

06. Idioms

07. Indoctrinato

08. Doctrine

09. Song For Change

10. Rapture Logic

11. Sing A Song

12. Dybbuk

13. Spivate

14. Ship Of Fools

Ad Absurdum LP lands April 5, with “Song For Change” streaming here