Alexander Albrecht will return to Francis Harris’ Scissor and Thread imprint under his Melquíades guise for the Excerpts EP. As with his previous release on the label, last year’s Blue Caves, the Melbourne producer delivers a rich and affecting release, blending genres and moods with ease.

Albrecht’s idea was to capture moments and excerpts of his improvised live set, and so he used field recordings from a number of places from around the world as inspiration for the individual tracks. “There’s a variety of genres within the release but essentially they were just improvised extended jam sessions,” he explains. “I then chose some interesting excerpts for the record.”

“Portal” kicks off the EP, a deep and woozy track with a strong groove, layered with pads and effects. “Tower Of The Sun’ utilizes a similar driving beat, heavy on the hi-hats, but with a more submerged mood. “Schaefer Street” also employs snappy percussion and snares, intertwined with bubbling melody and ethereal pads and washes. The same track is given a re-work by Patrice Scott, thickening up the groove and providing the most out-and-out dancefloor-friendly track of the EP, while maintaining the fragments of deep and jazzy melody.

The four-track EP follows Trivial Occupations Remixes on Scissor and Thread. 


A1. Portal

A2. Tower Of The Sun

B1. Schaefer Street

B2. Schaefer Street (Patrice Scott Remix)

Excerpts EP lands May 31.