In the five years since we last heard from him, Brendon Whitney has kept busy with a move back to his hometown of Portland, Maine, collaborating with Ehren and Tarsier, and working on Resurgam, his latest release under the Alias guise.

Whitney had a couple guests stop by for appearances on the disk, including anticon. labelmates WHY? and L.A.-based songwriter The One AM Radio. The combined efforts of all these parties make for a pleasantly melodic collage of avant-hop and electro that retains a dream-like quality throughout its 13 tracks. But what else is there to do in the dead of winter in Maine besides meticulously craft songs that, from their titles, appear to be obsessed with death and Oakland?

Resurgam will be out September 2 via anticon. Vinyl copies are limited to a run of 1500, so scoop ’em up while you can.

01 New to a Few
02 I Heart Drum Machines
03 Well Water Black feat. WHY?
04 Oakland Morning
05 M.G. Jack
06 Prelude to a Death Wish
07 Death Watch
08 Autumnal Ego
09 Place of No More Question
10 Resurgam
11 The Weathering feat. The One AM Radio
12 Justamachine
13 Oakland in the Rearview

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Photo by Morgan Howland.