A little less than 14 hours ago, Alice Glass, the former front-woman for the 8-bit group Crystal Castles, released a new song called “Stillbirth” on social media.

The post on her Facebook includes reflective thoughts on what we assume is her previous relationship with the other member of Crystal Castles, songwriter Ethan Kath. In the post, we read as Glass opens up about her previous encounters with domestic abuse, how she has worked to free herself of the abuse, and how she is raising awareness by releasing a song with proceeds going to projects that help stop abuse. Kath previously posted on social media that he was happy to part ways with Glass, then later retracted the post after readers swarmed to the post to defend Glass.

The song Stillbirth was composed by Alice Glass and Jupiter Keyes. They released the song independantly, with no help from a label. You can purchase the new song starting tomorrow, and it will be available through iTunes and Spotify. All proceeds for digital purchases of this song will benefit organizations that help survivors of domestic abuse, sexual violence, and incest. You can donate directly to them by clicking here, or via the link on the Alice Glass website. You can listen to the new song on the Soundcloud player below.