Joey Pecoraro will release Sea Monster, his new album, on July 31 via Daddy Kev’s Alpha Pup.

Created during the cold Michigan winter, Sea Monster wells up with “nostalgic emotion” and “kindles an oft-forgotten feeling of childhood curiosity and discovery,” the Los Angeles label explains. The Michigan producer’s lush, chilled-out sound sits comfortably in the lo-fi hip-hop world while shimmering with pop appeal. We’re told that “slow-driving rhythms drift into waking dreams” and “reassuring melodies roll into ear-catching hooks.” Pecoraro plays piano and sings on several tracks.

“Writing this album reminded me of when I was a little kid, at a time when everything I was experiencing felt new and exciting,” Pecoraro says.

Pecoraro released Tired Boy, his last album, in 2019 through Qrates, where artists can create vinyl records on demand directly for music fans. Sea Monster is his first full release on Alpha Pup.


01. Coming Back To Earth
02. Hello Sun
03. Kaleidoscope
04. The Man From Atom
05. Gummy Bears and Sleeping In Alone
06. Shout In Our Heart
07. Driving On The Moon
08. Lightning (Single #2, Release Date: June 18)
09. Pebble In The Sky
10. The Charming Creature
11. I Think That
12. Malleco
13. It Is All Connected

Sea Monster LP is out July 31 on Alpha Pup Records. Meanwhile, you can stream “Hello Sun” below, and pre-order here.