“Take a shortcut through a gap in a corrugated iron fence in a North London scrap yard, across the train tracks, and out through the dark disused tunnel, third railway arch on the left and you’ll find the back door to my surgery.” This is how unpredictable UK producer Altered Natives has elected to introduce his new alias: Doctor Cockbloctopus. Well, that and a new free mixtape, of course. In the somewhat cryptic press release which accompanies the new mix, the longstanding producer explains that his new handle has grown from his love of hip-hop, while continuing to incorporate elements from the many strains of UK dance music. Still, as the press release further explains, “This project is cultured against my work as Altered Natives, and is completely non house/techno-oriented, instead stripping back to the key sounds which maybe even went [on] to inspire elements in those movements.” Doctor Cockbloctopus’s introductory mixtape (which boasts a whopping 21 tracks) can be streamed in the player below, and downloaded for free here.

01 New Receptionist intro
02 Life Is
03 Cockbloctodamus
04 Resent Validate
05 Killing Kings
06 8 Hand Pussy Pop
07 DOOM Hill
08 Faulty Lightbitch
09 Desolate (on the couch)
10 The Heart
11 Pop Bottles (Tonys Theme)
12 Cumbug
13 Unconnected
14 Wannabeez
15 Fresh Start
16 Tequilas Theme
17 The Legend of Wong Fei Hung vs Doctor Cockbloctopus
18 Money Shower Pussy Power
19 Popcorn
20 Final Diagnosis
21 Myfanwy’s Opinion Outro