UK-based DJ/producer/label head Danny Yorke (a.k.a. Altered Natives) has brought together a crew of like-minded tunesmiths to contribute songs to his label’s first CD release, a compilation called The Guild of Synchronists. On April 4, the Eye4Eye imprint will drop the 12-song disc, which, as Yorke puts it, is “a showcase of some of the artists
soon to be featured on Eye4Eye.” Those artists include Funksta, Slaughter MobAt One, Misery Peat, Grayz, DD Black, and Altered Natives himself, among others. You can check out the artwork and tracklist for The Guild of Synchronists below.

1.Tom Ellis Featuring Lizzy B – Accidental Daydream
2. At One – A Possible Lover
3. Funksta – Arena
4. El Sudor – Hermit
5. At One – Squuaalar
6. Ceramic – The Message
7. Altered Natives – 18 Ghost Hands
8. Misery Peat – The Hyde
9. Altered Natives – Goodbye
10. Grayz– Dubskank
11. DD Black – Charge
12. Slaughter Mob – Heebie Jeebie

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