Longstanding London producer Altered Natives (a.k.a. Danny Yorke) has announced he will release his seventh album via his own Eye4Eye label next month. Early listens confirm that In the Place Where Love Once Lived will contain more of the rough, dark, unrefined house music we’ve come to know and love from Yorke, who in 2011 contributed a stellar mix crammed with his own productions to our podcast series. That mix can still be streamed and downloaded here, while Altered Natives’ In the Place Where Love Once Lived LP will see its official release on March 30 via Eye4Eye. In the meantime, the record’s artwork and tracklist have been included below.

1. No Chocolate Bear
2. Bury You
3. Blow Job No Job
4. Jungle King (Martyn’s Friend pt2)
5. The Reminiscence
6. In The Place Where Love Once Lived
7. The Gully Rose of Stockwell
8. Creampie
9. Empathy Fathom
10. Cerberus
11. Nah Siddung Gyal
12. When I Am King
13. Leviathan II