UK producer Altered Natives (a.k.a. Danny Yorke) is preparing a follow-up to his brilliant Tenement Yard Volume Two LP, one of our favorite albums of 2011. Yorke has completed a three-track EP for Italian label Bosconi titled The Fates, which is heavily inspired by Greco-Roman mythology; each track is named after a member of the Moirai, the three gods who controlled the fates of mortal life. After more than six months without a release from Altered Natives, this news couldn’t come sooner—we are almost as excited as Diomedes is in Book V of Iliad, who, rumor has it, slays a boat-load of Trojans out of exhilaration! Scope the artwork and tracklist for The Fates, which descends from the heavens on May 29, below.

A1 – Nona Clotho
B1 – Decima Lachesis
B2 – Morta Atropos