In the wake of the unfortunate passing of disco legend Donna Summer, Altered Natives has posted up a remix of her classic “I Feel Love.” Apparently, the remix was made more than a year ago, but the London-based producer didn’t have the chance to properly do anything with it, or even play it out very much. The remix is posted below, along with Altered Natives’ own words about the track and Donna Summer.

Wrote this over a year ago.
I tried to get the vocal redone but it never worked or found a vocalist,
So it’s been in my bag ever since, in case I ever felt it a good opportunity to drop it.
Tbh. I’ve only ever played this out a few times, to nice effect.
First time, in Italy to a crowd who went nuts when it became obvious what the song was, then the police came and shut down my set early and they the crowd got upset lol.
Anyway im very sad to hear of the loss of Donna Summer.
I Feel Love was influential, I’ve always loved that bassline and especially how she ethereally floated over the original.
So im putting my version up for you to hear, out of tribute.

R.I.P Donna Summer