UK hardware enthusiast, acid-house lover, and Eye4Eye label head Danny Yorke (a.k.a. Altered Natives) has announced the impending release of his new album, Tenement Yard Vol. 2. As FACT reports, the record was inspired by “failed relationships, [Yorke’s] children, and how ‘the Middle East always seemed like a magical place. Well, ’til now.'” Before Altered Natives’ new album drops in September via his own imprint, you can take a look at its track titles below.

1. Loved by Few
2. Galactic
3. Earthlings
4. Illuminate
5. Shake That feat. ESP
6. Die 4 U
7. My Game My Rules
8. Wasteman of Love
9. Friends & Lovers
10. Burnout
11. Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen, We are Eventide Astral
12. Indigo Dream
13. Womb
14. Can’t Trust Myself to Love You
15. Legendary Suffering