Prolific house music firebrand Altered Natives will bring his Tenement Yard series (the second installment of which was one of our top 10 favorite releases from 2011) to a close next month when he releases its third and final volume. The 16-track offering was announced today along with a so-called “suicide note” written by DJ/producer Danny Native, which opens saying, “Well, we’re back here again, and yeah, I’m saying it’s my best work ever rah rah rah, again. I dunno. To be honest, I feel like I’m writing a suicide note, because it pains me to say this, but this is the last in the Tenement Yard story. [I’m] ending this in a trilogy finale, and on my part, the final rent collection in the sky. Goodbye, cruel world… I’m not moving away, just ending it on a high, or as high as I can get.” You can read more of the UK artist’s letter over on FACT, and check out Tenement Yard Vol. 3‘s artwork and tracklist before it drops as a digital download via Eye4Eye on October 3, below.

1. Martyn’s Friend
2. In my Heart Forever (Stay Dead)
3. London Gods
4. You Used To
5. Be Nice (Like We Should)
6. Natural Freak
7. The Landlord
8. Reanimate
9. The Calling
10. The Kiss
11. Allwhere
12. Neverlove
13. Bad New Tenant
14. Bhuuumbahcleet
15. Future Drop
16. You Cut Me (Out of your Life)