Radio Slave‘s Rekids is releasing “Wulfman,” a 2016 track from ZW, alongside three new remixes.

ZW is believed to be a collaboration between producer Zeb Wayne and Zineb Zebdi, also known as Ziwi. The pair are most widely acknowledged for two 2016 singles, namely “Wulfman”—which was seemingly self-released and featured two Radio Slave reworks—and the limited-edition Float  seven-inch.

Rekids will now release “Wulfman” alongside three remixes, from Alva Noto, Belfast-born favorite Calibre, and Radio Slave himself.

Ahead of the EP’s July 14 release, the 10-minute Radio Slave remix is exclusively streamable in full below, while the original is streamable above.

Further details of a ZW full-length are expected to be announced soon.