Accomplished German sound artist Carsten Nicolai will return to his own Raster-Noton imprint next month with Xerrox Vol. 3, the third installment of his Xerrox album series and the first LP under his Alva Noto moniker since 2011. Nicolai (who also makes up half of the Diamond Version group and has turned in some notable collaborative efforts alongside Ryuichi Sakamoto over the years) launched the Xerrox series in 2007, followed by a second volume in 2009. According to Nicolai—speaking in a press release—the forthcoming Xerrox Vol. 3 LP is his “most personal album so far,” going on to explain that the record is largely inspired by his memories of films from his childhood and also serves as “a soundtrack to a film that actually does not exist in reality.”

The third volume in Nicolai’s Xerrox album series will see its official release on April 6. Before the record arrives on Raster-Noton, the upcoming LP’s tracklist has been included below, and clips from the album can currently be previewed here.

1. Xerrox – Atmosphere
2. Xerrox – Helm Transphaser
3. Xerrox – 2ndevol
4. Xerrox – Radieuse
5. Xerrox – 2ndevol2nd
6. Xerrox – Isola
7. Verrox – Solphaer
8. Xerrox – Mesosphere
9. Xerrox – Spark
10. Xerrox – Spiegel
11. Xerrox – Exosphere